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We certify our products' safety and efficacy
Our innovations are based on scientific studies and we employ the most modern technology in the market to carry out high-performance tests with impartiality and quality assurance.

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What we do

The Kosmoscience Group develops studies for assessment of safety, efficacy, support to marketing claims and consumer studies in the areas of skin science, hair science, clinical safety, cell culture, photoprotection, home care, antiperspirants and deodorants, and physical / chemical analyses required by accelerated stability studies.

Having operated in this segment for over 20 years, Kosmoscience is one of the top CRO´s (Contract Research Organization) worldwide, using leading-edge technology in precision equipment and a technical and scientific team including the most qualified professionals in the sector to provide the market with demonstrably tested and safe products. Kosmoscience has over 580 high-performance protocols (tests) in its portfolio.

Over two thousand companies use the Kosmoscience Group services in over twenty countries in four continents.
Who we are

Founded in the city of Valinhos in 2003, Kosmoscience provides services in the area of studies on efficacy and safety of cosmetics and other beauty care and health products both to suppliers of raw materials of this segment and to manufacturers of final products.

Serving clients in over 20 countries, Kosmoscience provides services to the community and to cosmetic industries as it strives to improve its operational procedures designed to develop new products and to apply science to generate new technologies to assess efficacy of cosmetic products.
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